Storytelling Booth

Created specifically for JPL's Take Your Child to Work Day, this project was designed to understand the interactions in an autonomous storytelling structure.


Curiosity Cabinet

Enlisting the curious minds of JPL summer students, this pilot explored the use of mobile storytelling kits as a way to catalogue stories of objects at the Lab.


JPL Vanity Plates

JPL's parking lots represent a perfect storm where California vanity plate culture meets scientist and engineers who love puzzles. Placing postcards on the windshields of cars, plate owners were invited to submit their story to an online survey. The stories behind these vanity license plates reveal the diversity of interests and backgrounds of the people work at JPL.

Visit the Vanity Plate website


JPL Stories Talk

The results of these three interventions were shared in a Lab-wide talk intended to create a conversation about culture at JPL. The Mysteries Project storytelling platform uses design to communicate the previously unseen core values embedded within a large science institution: creativity, chutzpah, and entrepreneurial spirit.